QGIS Crash Course

The art of mapping data

QGIS Crash Course

A crash course for regular, non-technical people who are interested in using maps in their professional life but don’t know where to start.


There is a vast amount of data out there, ready to be used in a visual, mapped way. And anyone can do it with a little bit of training. This course is that very training you need to get up and running!


For anyone looking to up their knowledge of maps: no prior knowledge or experience required. You’ll need a computer, a few hours of time, enthusiasm and curiosity to learn something new.


This live English course is divided into 3 modules. It uses real-life data and concrete scenarios to show you where to find data and how to use it. Before the course, you will need to download QGIS on your computer: it can be Mac, Linux or Windows! 


This live course is capped at 10 students.

Academy for Humanitarian Action : January 2023Mapologie Course Dates in 2022 & 2023

What the QGIS Crash Course Covers

By the end of this course, participants will be able to identify, locate, download and visualize data on customized maps using QGIS software.
The course will be a mix of theory – we’ll show you on PowerPoint and on QGIS the how and why and then you’ll be given time to practice and try it out during class.

The Course is divided into 3 modules: 


Intro to Maps &

By the end of Module 1, participants will be able to explain what types of data are used in a map and where to find them.

Topics include:
– Types of data used to make maps
– Coordinate Reference Systems (CRS)
– Where to find data you need to make maps
– Importing and using open-source data
– Save a project on QGIS and share it with colleagues


Creating a

Basic Map

By the end of Module 2, participants will be able to create a basic map using open-source data.

Topics include:
– Simple styling: coloring polygons and and custom points
– Labels
– How to filter numbers and locations
– Case study: Test out what you’ve learned


Creating a 

Customized Map

By the end of Module 3, participants will be able to create and export custom maps using their own data and styles.

Topics include:
– Importing your own data
– OpenStreet Map layers and plugins
– Best practices for creating a professional map
– How to export data to Excel
– Print layout: styles, legend, moving and scaling a map
– Exporting your map

Student Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our students say:

Great session, lots of help and patience, thank you for being generous with your time and sharing – really enjoyed it and looking forward to using maps moving forward. Thank you so much!


Student, June 2021

This QGIS crash course gave me the skills and confidence I need to be able to dive into QGIS in my work. QGIS can look intimidating, but this course covered how and where to find GIS data, how to import it into QGIS and how to leverage the software to build custom maps. I really appreciated how we were able to use the software at every step, ask lots of questions, and practice the concepts. I can’t recommend this course enough as a quick boost into the world of QGIS.


MEDA, Canadian NGO

An excellent first dip into a very interesting subject with great support. 

Bernard Crenn

Independent Consultant, November 2021

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