Learning Workshops

The art of mapping data

Learning happens when people meet

participants working in learning workshop for Mapologie

Learning workhops

We facilitate in-person learning workshops with key stakeholders: governements, local administrations, civil society, UN and NGO staff. Using interactive and fun methods, our participants put their phones and computers away, stay the whole day and make real connections. Activites change every 45 minutes to keep participants engaged: Learning happens when people meet. 

Mapologie online learning workshops on Zoom

Online learning workshops

Meeting in person can be expensive and time-consuming so we offer onine learning workshops. Faciliated online, participants enage with a mix of visual supports, small groups and rapid plenary sessions to exchange ideas, perspectives and experiences. Our online workhops last a maximum of 4 hours. The high level of real engagement means time flies.

infographics that shows refugee data settlement and cash based interventions

Infographics & Maps

With our experience in the humanitarian and development sectors, we have the know-how to pull together the information that matters and present it in a digestable format to make data clear. We work in both French and English, with client color or our own, to create useful, informative and clear inforgaphics. Our clients use for reporting, internal and external communication. 

Our Clients

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